The right way to wait on god's timing for a husband

young woman out in the fields

Waiting on God’s timing for a husband is a season of activity. The wait is not a passive idling. You work as you wait.

There are questions you must have the right answers to during this time of your life. That way you are confident that your wait is in line with God’s will for you.

This is because God is not the sole determiner of when you get married. You have a part to play. The reason why you are still single may not be that God is making you wait. You may be the one hindering or delaying marriage.

I do not believe that there is someone created specifically to be your spouse, and that no matter what happens, that person would end up with you. I don’t believe that.

Depending on your walk with God and how pliable you are in his hand, God molds you, he leads you, and then he brings your way someone who complements you. I strongly believe that God has purpose in mind when he brings two people together.

Therefore you have to be sure that your waiting is right.

If your answers to the following questions are yes, then God is making you wait. You can scroll further down to find out how to wait joyfully.

If your answers are no, you will have to make necessary adjustments.

1. are you walking closely with God?

A close walk with God is important, whether you are single or married. The benefit of such relationship to the single is that you God can reveal his mind to you concerning marriage and help you wait the right way.

As a single, you have the opportunity now to build a strong relationship with the Lord. The apostle Paul says singleness is the time to give an undivided attention to the Lord.

If you're attention to the Lord is divided, you are not waiting for his timing for a husband.

2. Are there habits and attitudes that make you unattractive?

As a woman, you have to be attractive to the opposite sex, physically, spiritually, psychologically and academically. Is there's the means to improve in any of these areas, go for it.

Men have different tastes when it comes to what makes a woman attractive to them. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't work on yourself. Do not say, "I want a man to love me for who I am." You can change. You can improve.

There are some women who finally end up single not because God did not create a man for them. They simply are not attractive.

That doesn't mean you should become a slay queen or deny your real self and change your personality to suit other people's expectations.

Seek help if you struggle with anger, low self-esteem, lack of direction and focus in life etc. These things show up in relationships and can be a turn off.

Learn how to dress well. Learn how to cook. Learn social skills. Stop hiding under a spirituality cloak and believing that God will bring your husband to your doorsteps no matter how you live or how you look.

If you are unattractive, it may take forever waiting on God's timing for a husband.

When God makes you wait

God can make you wait. When there's something he wants you to focus on before marriage, he will not bring your husband to you. No matter how you fret and worry, God will not move. He will not satisfy the pressures you are submitted to.

Of course, you can panic and get a man who is not God's best for you.

I refrain from quoting my case because it is half-complete, but I know you'll enjoy this other inspiring story of how God brought one husband and wife together.

God instructed them to wait, and when his time was right, he made all things beautiful for this couple.

Like them and many others who have had to wait for God's timing for a husband, you can wait the right way. And it's simple.

Just walk with God.

It's really not that simple if you've been waiting long. It's not that simple if everyone around you is dating and getting married. It is not that simple when there's pressure on you to conform.

But it is that simple. Walk with God.

Let me break it down to four points.

1. Have faith in God's goodness

He understands your need for a husband. He understands the challenges you are going through as a single. And he has your good in mind.

Don’t get resentful if you are the only one around who is still single. Those getting married are not more blessed than you.

2. Have faith in God's faithfulness

God’s faithfulness is tied to his goodness. Believe without wavering that at the right time, he will bring your husband your way.

Don’t panic and accept second best. Don’t rush to online dating sites, unless God instructs you to go that way.

3. Focus on what god wants for you now

If God is making you wait for his timing for marriage, then he has something right now that should be consuming your attention. Focus on that. It makes the wait less challenging.

4. Be attentive to God's voice

Don’t dictate to the Lord how to bring your husband to you. Be led of him. If you listen to love stories of God bring mates together, one thing is certain: the stories aren’t the same. The principle is the same but the stories are different.

Be led of God. There may be steps he may direct you to take that will lead you to your mate.

Waiting on God’s timing for a husband the right way is simple. It is buried in your relationship with the Lord.

May the Lord encourage and strengthen you during this season of life.

God bless