4 Biblical Facts About Singleness

Singleness is the state of being unmarried.

When I was searching information to write this page, I realized that what the Bible says concerning singleness doesn't usually dominate our minds when we discuss issues concerning singles.

Much has been said and written about dating and marriage that it almost seems the goal of EVERY Christian Single should be to date and marry, and if you don't conform to that standard soon, it begins to feel like something is wrong with you.

God instituted marriage. He surely has something to say about being unmarried.

1. Lifelong singleness is a gift to a few

God instituted marriage and blessed it. Yet he made some few men and women and designed them for lifelong celibacy. This is usually for the purpose of undivided consecration of oneself to a life purpose.

To these, God deprives them of sexual desires.

2. Singleness can be a personal choice or due to circumstances

An individual can choose not to get married, even without the gift of celibacy. To such the Bible recommends they should be able to exercise self-control in the area of sexual desire.

They are various reasons why anyone will willingly embrace singleness, but the most important one for a Christian usually has to do with giving out their energies to a particular purpose which they think will be difficult to pursue if they get married.

Disability, disease, wrong relationship choices or other circumstances can result in lifelong singleness even for individuals who in normal circumstances would love to get married.

Even for those in this latter group, they still have a choice to make concerning how fulfilling their lives can be. They don't have to stay in resentment, bitterness and regret.

3. Sometimes Singleness is Better Than Marriage

If you want to give an undivided attention to the Lord, singleness is better than marriage.

I've seen singles who've pushed marriage to the future because they still want to give God better devotion, because they want to develop an intimate walk with the Lord and to mature spiritually and psychologically before seeking marriage, or because they want to get a better grasp on God's will and direction for their lives before they settle on who to spend the rest of their lives with.

It is unfortunate that this way of living is sometimes discouraged, and such singles are looked upon as fanatics.

But this is the truth from God's Word: the devotion from a single cannot be the same as that of a married individual, because marital responsibilities steal some of that devotion.

Marriage has it advantages over singleness. The reverse is equally true.

It is right to encourage singles to wholeheartedly pursue the things of God and to find direction in life before settling for marriage. This perspective helps the single make a better choice of life partner.

4. Singleness can be fulfilling

We have the biblical example of the Apostle Paul who was a single wholly dedicated to his purpose. There's no indication that Paul ever lived a miserable or second-class life because of his single status.

He is the one who called upon other singles to consider a life-long status so as to give an undivided attention to the Lord.

I can't imagine the apostle organizing a singles' meeting and hyping about dating, matchmaking and teaching on X number of ways on how to attract and keep that young man or that young woman.

Not that I condemn those activities, but I believe an overemphasis is the result why some Christian Singles are miserable and regard their single status as a terrible condition which they should seek its cure as soon as possible.

Another single who we find living a fulfilling life, thought it is probable he got married later on, is Paul's son in the faith, Timothy.

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Summarily, singleness is normal. It is not an inferior life, it is not a curse.  It is actually a blessing if you know how to channel the benefits rightly.