How to Find a Christian Husband. How to find a Christian Wife. A true life story

hands of a man and woman, with the little fingers clasped

It is not hard to find a godly mate, though the process may mean you waiting or seeking to do things 'abnormally.' It may be hard if you are impatient with God's way of dealing and leading you.

But if you are one intimate with God and living for Him alone, finding a godly mate is not hard, because God has that in mind for you. He is concerned about every area of your life, including your need for a godly mate.

If you'd trust God and wait for his timing, He will lead to you that person that best fits you.

While I admit that one person's story is not to be taken as the standard, I believe there are lessons you can learn from such stories.

There are Christian Singles with panicky hearts who need just those kinds of testimonies to rest their minds and hearts at peace so that God can have his way in their lives.

I just so love this story. I have linked to it in several pages on this site. And I don't see any harm in doing so again.

God the Matchmaker

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