Why we do what we do

A Word from Janet

I started The King's Offspring out of obedience to what I believe is a divine assignment. This task is fueled by personal experiences of the challenges of singleness and a desire to see the Christian Single offered more holistic ministry.

Many times, ministry to the Single is tilted towards offering dating tips, courtship rules or matchmaking, while leaving out what could be some of the most pressing needs of singleness.

The unmarried Christian needs more than encouragement to 'get married and be normal'. There are challenges to singleness whose solution is not marriage.

The pursuit of intimacy with God, living with purpose and learning to enjoy singleness while preparing for marriage are topics to be given equal emphasis.

Christian homes are also breaking up. Marriages in Christian homes are also ailing. More than ever before, the picture of a happily-ever after is no lure for the Christian Single.

The impression that Singleness cannot be fulfilling is simply not true. The unspoken societal description of singleness as an inferior or second best life puts the single in an uncomfortable situation where many jump into marriage without taking advantage of the opportunities God offers at this stage of life.

Many fail to understand and pursue God's purpose for their lives by bowing to unrealistic expectations, societal opinions and subtle pressure to put a value on the married state which is higher than what the Lord would have them think.

The King's Offspring is a ministry to the whole person of the unmarried Christian: The Pursuit of God, Enjoying Singleness and Preparing for marriage.