Help for the Christian Single

The King's Offspring is a ministry that seeks to lay emphasis on a God-honoring life, a satisfying and fulfilled Singleness and the importance of preparing for an enjoyable life-long marriage union.

Christian Singles have unique challenges

Here, we see unmarried Christians as a precious set of persons, most (that just means not all!) of whom are in a transitory stage of life from singleness to marriage, where decisions for the future do have deep and long-lasting bearings.

Like every normal human, Christian Singles face different challenges, some of which contribute immensely to the deprivation of joy and enjoyment of the unique opportunities of Singleness, and consequently spill over to marriage when those challenges are not appropriately handled.

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Issues with their identity and self-worth, social acceptance and prejudices are common among Singles. Most times these issues are not overtly acknowledged by the singles themselves and the environment in which they may be found.

While there's much emphasis (in many circumstances, the actual word is pressure!) on the Christian Single to get married and be normal, the attention given to the unique and true needs of the single person can be disproportionately disappointing.

The desire, and sometimes difficulty, to find a mate is not the only problem of the unmarried. This can be evidenced by the fact that matrimony for the sake of it doesn’t always satisfy the longings of the heart. It may actually lead to a more miserable life.

That is why there's also need for special emphasis on pursuing intimacy with God, finding purpose and direction in life and enjoying Singleness to put a balance on the much emphasized dating and matchmaking.

All Singles But Different

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Never-married, Divorced, Widowed, Single Parent are all  Christian Singles. Their needs and challenges are diverse depending on the individual circumstances.

The Pursuit of Sexual Purity

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Sexual purity is one such area of challenge for every class of born-again singles. The need for encouragement to pursue the standard of God's Word is imperative. That is part of enjoying Singleness while preserving themselves for that special person who will love them enough to respect their bodies and wait for the right time – after the marriage solemnization.

Preparing For Marriage

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A good Christian marriage is a beautiful reflection of the relationship between Christ, the Bridegroom, and the Church, his Bride. It should be the goal of every godly single desiring marriage to end up in a relationship that reflects the Lord.

Christian Singles need to look forward to the union with a heart that is ready to fight 'til death do us part'.

It therefore goes without saying that such an attitude should drive the single person to take preparation for marriage with all the seriousness that it deserves. It should make the decision of who you get married to one approached with care, caution, prayer and guidance of the Lord.

The frivolous attitude that permeates many dating relationships today should not be the experience of Singles who want to live for God and to enjoy marriage when it comes. The vision of marriage as an emotional adventure to cater only to the needs of the flesh, the absence of which would result in the dissolution of the marriage in favor of a more emotionally enchanting one, is not the picture a godly Christian single man or woman should have.